Terms & Conditions

I hereby apply for HDFC Bank International Credit Card (s) and declare that the information included in this application is true and correct and that I am a Resident Indian / that I am a foreign national working in India and that I am eligible to apply for an internationally valid card. I accept that HDFC Bank is entitled in its absolute discretion to accept or reject this application. It is my responsibility to obtain the terms and conditions applying to the HDFC Bank International Credit Card(s) separately and read the same. I will be bound by the terms and conditions as may be in force from time to time and receipt/use of the card shall be deemed to be acceptance of those terms and conditions. I authorise HDFC Bank and/or its associates to verify any information or otherwise at my office/residence or to contact me/my employer/banker/RBI or any other source to obtain or provide any information that may be required for confirming membership requirements or maintaining my account in good credit standing. I agree to be charged my card fee in my first statement. Incase I have applied for Add-on card(s) (available for resident Indian parent/spouse/brother/sister/child over 18 years of age at a special rate). I will be billed for such an Add on card in the normal monthly statement. I, the primary applicant will be liable for all charges incurred with the Add-on card(s) issued on the account and each Add-on applicant will be liable for all charges incurred with the Add-on card jointly and severally with the holder of the primary card. The facility of Add-on card(s) being a special facility at a concessional fee/rate ,continuation of the Add-on card member will be dependent on the continuation of my membership. I understand and undertake that the usage of the HDFC Bank International Credit Card(s) shall be strictly in accordance with the exchange control regulations, of the Regulatory Authorities as applicable from time to time which I undertake as my responsibilities to keep myself updated of, and in the event of any failure to do so. I will be liable for action under the Foreign Exchange Management Act, 1999 or its statutory modification or re-enactment thereof. I confirm that I have no insolvency proceedings pending against me nor have I ever been adjudicated insolvent. I agree that my signature on the charge slip will amount to an unconditional undertaking by me to pay HDFC Bank the amount stated therein and agree that a copy of my periodic statement of accounts will be a conclusive evidence of my liability for the charges stated therein. My liability under the charge slip signed by me shall not withstand any dispute I may have with respect to the quality/quantity of goods purchased or quality of services obtained. I will not hold the bank responsible if any outlet/franchisee refuses to accept the card. I authorise HDFC Bank to disclose, from time to time, any onformation relating to my Credit Card(s),(including any default in payments) to any other card issuer, credit bureau, financial institution, any parent/ subsidiary, affiliate and associate of HDFC Bank, and to third parties engaged by HDFC Bank, for purpose such as proper operation of Credit Card accounts and other administrative services. The bank will be entitled to cancel my card(s) at any time without assigning any reasons. I understand Service Tax as applicable from time to time will be levied on fees, interest and other charges ,as per government guidelines. I understand that Service Tax is not applicable on my regular purchases. I am aware that the bank reserves the right not to return the supporting financial documents given my me along with the application. I have received and read the detailed terms and conditions and agree to abide by them, once I am alloted the Credit Card. I hereby confirm that I have also read and understood the contents of the Schedule of Charges and disclosure details, and agree to be levied various charges mentioned therein as and when applicable to me. I confirm that basis my eligibility HDFC Bank shall at its sole discretion reserves the right to issue any existing card product in their portfolio. Credit limit on any card account may be reviewed as per the Bank policies specified from time to time and the Bank reserves the right to revise (increase or decrease) and/or unconditionally cancel the limit assigned on a Card with due intimation to the card member. I also understand that the Bank reserves the right to vary any or all the Terms & Conditions of the Schedule of Charges from time to time, with due intimation to the cardmember. Changed Terms & Conditions shall be communicated through the Bank's website and by other acceptable modes of communication. I authorize the Bank to record specific conversations between me/my representative and the Bank's representative, in case of grievance - related conversations pr payment-recovery -related conversations or any other conversation that the Bank may deem fit, at its own discretion. I agree to abide by the Terms and Conditions as may be added/amended by the Bank from time to time regarding this Credit Card and any other facility/loan product that I avail through this Credit Card or any other Credit Card that I may be issued by the Bank in the future. I agree to receive my card statements through E-mail on the E-mail IDs mentioned in the application form. I am aware that my new credit card would be automatically registered for Net Banking incase I am already a HDFC Bank Net Banking customer. I understand that HDFC Bank will provide me a credit card according to the Bank's internal guidelines. I hereby give my consent to the Bank to provide me a different card incase I am not eligible for the product applied for. I am aware that a female customer applying for Gold Credit Card will be issued a Woman's Gold Credit Card.