Terms & Conditions

  1. I/We shall advise the bank in writing of any change in my/our Residential or Employment address.
  2. Please credit all sums received by you in either or all the names of this account.
  3. I/We confirm that the funds shall be used for the stated purpose and will not be used for speculative or antisocial purpose.
  4. I/We confirm that we have not taken any loan from any other bank/finance company unless specifically declared by me/us.
  5. I/We certify that we are citizens of India.
  6. I/We authorize HDFC Bank Ltd. to make any enquiries regarding my application.
  7. I/We authorize HDFC Bank Ltd. to make any enquiries with any other finance company/bank/registered credit bureau regarding my credit history with them & also authorize HDFC Bank Ltd. to provide details of my credit history to any other bank/finance company/registered credit bureau.
  8. I/We declare that I/We will not hold HDFC Bank Ltd. or its agent(s) responsible for the delivery/colour/make/performance of the asset applied for under this application.
  9. I/We confirm having received, read& understood the term and conditions applicable to this loan & accept hereby without notice the terms& conditions unconditionally & agree that these terms & conditions may be changed by HDFC Bank Ltd. at any time and I/We will be bound by the amended terms & conditions.
  10. HDFC Bank Ltd. reserves the rights to retain the photographs and documents submitted with this application and will not return the same to the applicant.
  11. I/We certify that the information furnished above is true and accurate. I / We agree and acknowledge that only direct telephone numbers (not board / general telephone numbers of offices / corporates / employers) will be accepted for registration of "Do Not Call". I / We am / are aware that post registration, I / We may receive a call from the Bank to verify the correctness of the request for registration.